Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Letter of Introduction

Dear People of Christ,

I think telling you what has meant the most to me is the best way for us to begin to get acquainted: Church has always been central to my life, along with singing and music. Over the years, I have also loved teaching, first in colleges and then on the elementary and secondary levels. Since Divinity School, I have been working with homebound students, both those who, because of illness, are unable to go to school, and those who have been invited to leave; I also prepare students for college entrance. All of this work has been a rewarding ministry for me.

I cherish my family, including the memory of those who have been called home, especially my beloved Karl. My passion for nurturing has included foster children and the donkeys, sheep, goats, ducks and geese on my small farm in Easton, CT, “Ducks in a Row.” (I hope they are!) I honor God’s earth and all its creatures, including plants and the waters that support life. But I am also a bookworm, especially fond of literature, history, and theology. I write and paint whenever I have the chance.

Pastor Dora

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